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Louise’s attempt a burglary is interrupted by the new owner of the mansion she chose to rob. Does she have a chance of escaping the self-professed magician? Is she even sure she wants to?

Other items you can find are various types of produce, which can be eaten for a tiny health boost or cooked into a meal for a more substantial bonus. The same goes for the hanging animals, whose raw meat can be harvested and cooked to greatly increase its healing. Grab as many weapons, armor, potions, food, ingredients, and keys as you have use for, as these items are valuable commodities. A very useful alchemy ingredient, Rock Warbler Eggs, can also be found if you look into one of the baskets. Items you should pass up include baskets, buckets, bowls, tankards, pots, silverware, and basically anything else of a decorative nature with a low value.

Heather wanted to beg for relief. Ever since waking that morning she had been driven to the precipice of climax. But no such requests or protests would be allowed her. Her own thoughts were little more than vague shadows in the fog-like thrall of Laura's control. She knew only who she was and what was happening to her. Everything else was an orchestrated play, her body a puppet to Laura's desires.

Guests board an Enhanced Motion Vehicle (EMV) intended to appear as a battered military troop transport. EMVs ride on neoprene filled tires (for operational precision) driven by hydraulic rotors that provide forward motion, hydraulic pressure is applied on-board each vehicle at 3,000 psi using DC pressurizers. The vehicle has four wheel steering atop the surface of a slotted roadbed. The track has only three switches: a left/right split switch just before loading/unloading, a left/right combine switch just after safety check station/dispatch and a compound switch to swap vehicles in/out of the maintenance bay, behind the mirrors. Beneath the slot a tubular guideway guides the front wheelset and a damper for the rear wheelset, and three electrical buss bars provide the EMV 480 volts AC. The power is divided among the two motion systems, control, safety and audio systems. Each transport can accommodate twelve guests with three rows of seats, four across, with the front left seat behind a non-operational steering wheel.

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