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Cardboard tubes for Bazooka rockets.  There are different types of rockets used during the war, our tubes will fit most of the standard types.  The tubes are 24″ and 22″ overall length, on the inside approximately 23-5/8″ and 21-5/8″ respectively.  The tubes are reinforced with an extra piece of cardboard tube on the inside to thicken the walls and keep the rounds from knocking around.  They are 3″ outside diameter, not exactly like the originals, but will fit in the bags.  They are painted sateen black, which will look too shiny at first- but will have the correct look after a little use- and have metal end caps, and come with paper tape to seal the lids on like the originals were.  Each size $ each

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The weapon pictured is an AT-4, according to NBC New York , better known as a bazooka or rocket launcher. It’s designed to disable armored vehicles.

Bazooka Service - PapugorybyBazooka Service - PapugorybyBazooka Service - PapugorybyBazooka Service - Papugoryby